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Absolutely nothing is worse for your insulation than a family of squirrels setting up shop. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal experts of Fort Worth are here to help you eliminate your squirrel problem, clean up the mess, and fix the damage. Act fast, due to the fact that damaged wires can set fires!

Squirrel in a yard
Squirrels thrive all over Texas, especially in your attic!

Scratching, gnawing and sounds of pitter-patter in the morning or throughout the day are a really good indication you have some squirrels in your home looking for food. You might also discover pieces of dried leaves, twigs, cardboard or insulation in concealed corners, a sign that they’re developing a nest. If you suspect that you have a squirrel nesting in your attic, you should also take a walk around the exterior of your Forth Worth or Dallas house and look for any telltale signs of squirrel intrusion.

A hold chewed through a gable vent by squirrels.
Any opening is a good opening if a squirrel can reach it with its teeth. They made short work of this gable vent.

Squirrel control and removal must be started as soon as the wild animal has been discovered staying in your house! Did you know that Squirrels are unique for having front teeth always keep growing?. Because of this, Squirrels have a habit of gnawing electrical wiring and plumbing which can cause fires or water damage. Squirrels in the Dallas and Fort Worth area love the leafy trees and lush backyards of homeowners and it’s only a matter of time before they try to get inside your attic as well.

Squirrel Removal and Pest Control in Fort Worth Texas

Your attic is like a play area for squirrels. They enjoy nothing more that to have a great, completely dry place to get out of the weather and prance about like puppies under your roof. Insulation is often times the perfect bedding material for them to create their nests and keep their babies warm in the winter. Squirrels usually develop nests in trees to keep them safe predators and competing squirrels. Well, your attic is the best nest they can ask for, and they really did not even have to pay for it!

Wood and insulation chewed up between beams.
Squirrels will leave damage in the most hard-to-find spots.

If it weren’t for the ruckus and animal waste, squirrels might not be so unpleasant. Yet, the greatest risk that a squirrel problem can pose is that they gnaw on electric wires that go through your attic and walls reason for you to call for animal control services. This is really bad news. As we like to say: “Frayed wires start fires”. There’s no need to burn your house down because some squirrels decided to move in. This is why it’s important to address a squirrel problem before it progresses to the point of danger.
Squirrels bury so many nuts, that they misremember how many they have buried. The nuts left behind usually grow into trees.

How to Remove a Squirrel or Critter in your Home Attic?

Great question! Getting squirrels out of your home is generally a 3 part program. This is the way we handle the procedure and the services we provide:

  1. Set up traps and capture the squirrels
  2. Seal up the access points so they can’t return
  3. Examine and fix interior and exterior damage to your house to prevent the squirrels from returning

Are Squirrel Exterminator Services worth considering for Unwanted Pests?

Please refrain from doing this! I say this due to the fact that you’ll possibly be calling us to remove the dead squirrels inside your walls. Plenty of Fort Worth area exterminators and insect control contractors make use of poisons as their 1st and only weapon when combating a squirrels and critter in your attic which are not worth doing in the first place.

This may function well on ant and termite colonies, but it is an extremely bad strategy when it involves wild animal removal. Many poisons increase thirst in the targeted squirrels and they can even try to find your plumbing pipes to chew thorough looking for more water to drink.

Consider a humane, exclusion based option when taking care of a squirrel pest problem. Dallas Fort Worth wildlife removal specialists would avoid poison at all costs. Not only is it kinder to the critters, in the huge majority of situations, it is by far one of the most effective service to follow. No need to create a squirrel graveyard in your attic for you to discover (and smell) months later.

Call us for the Best Animal and Wildlife Removal Services for Squirrels

A hole chewed by squirrels in a roof's wooden mouldings.
Squirrels will chew through wood in your roof to get to the attic.

Did you know that squirrels can jump up to 20 feet, meaning they can access the roof of your Tarrant county home from nearby houses, trees, and poles? Every time you look out of your window to see playful squirrels jumping from tree to tree or from a fence to someone else’s roof, you should also think about how easy it is for them to get access to your roof and the damage and headaches they cause in Dallas.

You should expect that a quality Fort Worth wildlife control company will be experienced enough to seal every possible entry point in your home on the very first try. They need to be experienced enough to not only look at and evaluate the structure itself but also out building and the yard itself. Don’t risk the potential damage to your attic, make sure to call the right pest control experts!

Squirrel Damage Repair for your Home and Wildlife Removal in Fort Worth, TX

Squirrels can do major damage to your roof, soffits, and eaves. Sometimes they use their teeth and claws to broaden tiny entry holes to make it larger and a lot comfier to get in and leave. They can chew through wiring, tear up insulation, and damage your roof shingles. This is one reason why you need safe animal control services for both inside and outside of your Tarrant County home. We operate in and around not only Forth Worth and Dallas, but all around Tarrant County.

The exterior damage that small animals like squirrels, rats and mice create is unpleasant. No one wants a hole in their house that everyone can see! You might get comments from your neighbors! Our extremely professional team has the skill and experience to make your experience with Texas squirrel and wildlife removal seamless and effective.

If you’d like to read more about squirrels that you can encounter in Texas, we have some more information below for you to read through.

Learn More about Fort Worth’s Squirrel Wildlife

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