Raccoon Removal North Richland Hills

AAAC Wildlife Removal offers expert assistance in removing raccoons and other nuisance animals from homes in North Richland Hills,Texas. We offer both residential and commercial animal removal services in North Richland Hills. We are available 24 hours a day to help with any nuisance wildlife issues you might have.

North Richland Hills raccoons may cause damage to your property.
Racoon in the attic in North Richland Hills

Raccoon in the Attic

If they are allowed to live in an attic, raccoons can wreak havoc in your home. Raccoons are known to rip off shingles and damage roofs, causing serious property damage that can be expensive to repair. Additionally, raccoons will often tear into the duct work and insulation in the attic, which can result in a huge mess and may even cause structural damage to the home.

Droppings left behind by raccoons can also contain disease-causing organisms. These diseases include roundworm and salmonella. The buildup of raccoon feces in attics can encourage mold and bacteria growth. This can also lead to health problems in the house.

Racoon Removal North Richland Hills

North Richland Hills Raccoon Removal

It is difficult to get rid of raccoons from attics. This task should only be undertaken by licensed professionals with the necessary equipment and knowledge. Raccoons can become dangerous if they are trapped. They will scratch and bite, and their bites are sometimes infected.

Not only do they cause property damage, but raccoons can carry diseases that can transfer to humans or other animals through contact with bodily fluids like saliva or feces; therefore it is very important to hire a professional North Richland Hills Raccoon Removal company for help!

A live trap is considered to be the best way to go when looking for raccoon removal in North Richland Hills. Live traps can capture the animal and not injure it. They also ensure that humans do not come into direct contact with the animal.

Our Raccoon Removal Process

When you contact AAAC Wildlife Removal for raccoon removal or any other nuisance wildlife, we will come out to inspect the property and determine the scale of the problem. Then, we will create a custom-tailored removal plan for your specific situation.

Here’s how our process usually works:

  • Set Traps
  • Remove Raccoon
  • Make home less attractive to wild animals
  • Seal entry holes
  • Clean attic
  • Repair any damage done

Setting traps

We will place the traps in areas where raccoons are seen or suspected to be living. The traps will be baited with food that is attractive to raccoons such as marshmallows or wet cat food.

Remove the raccoon

Once the raccoon has been caught, well remove them so they are not able to come back to your property.

Reduce the appeal of your home to wild animals

We will make your home less attractive to wildlife by removing potential food and water sources, as well as by sealing possible access points.

Seal the entry holes

We will identify all possible entry points and seal them off to prevent any future issues. These could include gaps or holes in the chimney, vents, attics, and soffits.

Clean up the attic

We will then clean your home of any droppings or debris. To completely remove all traces of urine and fecal matter, we will use an enzyme cleaner. To get rid of bad odors, the enzymes can also be used as deodorizers and air fresheners.

Repair wildlife damage

After the attic has been cleaned and secured, we’ll make any repairs needed to your home. We can also replace insulation or repair damage that was caused by the raccoon.

Wildlife Removal and Pest Control

Using poison to get rid of raccoons is not a good idea. You and your family could be in danger if the animal tracks the dangerous chemical inside your home. They will also crawl in inaccessible areas, leading to a long and difficult removal process.

A professional wildlife removal services provider who specializes in raccoon removal will give you a safe, effective, and humane solution to your problem. AAAC Wildlife Removal of North Richland Hills is the best in the business and we can help you get raccoons out of your attic and fix any damage they may have caused.

The most important thing to do is never try to handle a wild animal yourself, that’s what professionals are here for! We have the proper knowledge and equipment to get rid of raccoons without putting anyone in danger.

Raccoon Repellents

There are many raccoon repellents on the market, including ultrasonic devices. These devices claim to confuse or scare the animals. These devices have not been proven effective in warding off raccoons. Mothballs can also be used, but they are ineffective because they only cause temporary disruption.

Using raccoon eviction fluid is another option but it requires constant exposure to be effective which makes it impractical for most homeowners. There are also some repellents available in the market that have been made of castor oil, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils but these too have not proven very successful over time since the animals can simply go around it.

All of these repellents are best avoided as they have not been proven effective in controlling raccoon populations and can even lead to resistance, which is a phenomenon where animals that are exposed to something for long enough actually get immune to it. This means that repellents will no longer work on them causing an increase in the population.

For humane and effective Raccoon Removal in North Richland Hills Texas, it is a good idea to hire a professional wildlife removal company.

damage to roofline caused by raccoon in North Richland Hills

Signs of Raccoon Infestation

Raccoons leave some telltale signs. If you have a raccoon infestation in your home, you will usually find one or two of these signs. Here are some signs of a raccoon infestation:

  • Unpleasant smell of droppings
  • Damage to your home’s exterior
  • Strange noises
  • Tipped over garbage bins
  • Raccoon tracks
  • Missing pet food
  • Pets behaving strangely

Droppings that leave an unpleasant odor

The decomposing waste left behind by raccoons will produce a very unpleasant smell. The unpleasant odor can be difficult to get rid of and can persist in your home for several days or even weeks depending on how severe the infestation was.

Damage to your home’s exterior

A raccoon that has found its way into your attic or chimney might damage the exterior surface of your home. You might see claw marks around the roof, gutter, shingles, or fascia boards.

Strange noises

Raccoons are nocturnal animals and will make strange sounds while moving around inside your home at night. You might hear scratching, running, jumping, climbing onto furniture, knocking over items like vases or flower pots, etc.

Trash strewn around the yard

Raccoons love to eat food out of garbage cans. Scraps of food in the garbage is their favorite source of nutrition and they will eat almost anything that you have left out for the trash collector.

Raccoon tracks

It is easy to identify a raccoon’s presence if you look for its tracks and trails. Raccoons have five toes on their front paws. They have long nails and leave distinct footprints in the snow or mud.

Were you aware that Raccoons have very sensitive hands that almost act as a second set of eyes?

Missing pet food

Raccoons are usually drawn towards homes with lots of food sources. Including homes with pets. These animals will eat any food that is left outside, even pet food.

Did you know that Raccoons are omnivorous?

Strange behavior in pets

A raccoon in your home might also affect the behavior of any pets that you have living with you. Pets often become anxious if they feel that there are wild animals inside your home.

damage to roofline caused by raccoon in North Richland Hills

Re-insulation and Clean Up of Attic

After the animals have been removed, we’ll perform a thorough attic cleaning. Raccoon feces need immediate attention as they can be a source of many diseases. All feces must be bagged and removed with any contaminated insulation.

It is best if you let professionals handle this as removing feces can be potentially hazardous. To protect themselves from any parasites and germs, all our technicians are required to wear masks and protective gear when removing raccoon waste.

Contact us today for attic restoration services!

Before and After photo of Raccoon damage repair in North Richland Hills

Wild Animal Damage Repair

Once the attic is cleaned and completely decontaminated, we can then move on to repairing any damage that was caused by the raccoon infestation. Wild animals have sharp teeth and nails, which can rip through insulation and damage the ceiling, walls, ductwork, etc.

We ensure that all of these damages are repaired so you can rest assured knowing that your attic is in good shape once again! We will also repair any damage done to your house from the outside, such as ripped siding or broken shingles.

If you would like our help with Wildlife Damage Repair in North Richland Hills, Texas, call us today!

Raccoon Removal North Richland Hills

Raccoons are incredibly destructive animals. They will not only cause damage to your attic but also pose a serious risk of rabies and other diseases. Removal of these creatures should be handled by professional wildlife removal experts.

AAAC Wildlife Removal is your best source for raccoon control services in North Richland Hills, Texas. Since 1995, we have provided quality service to our customers and will continue to do so through the assistance of our highly skilled employees.

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